The Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt (Granta)


“I was sitting outside the Commodore’s mansion, waiting for my brother Charlie to come out with news of the job.”

IT is hard for a western to get literary recognition, although if it works for west coast gumshoes then perhaps there is another undiscovered genre to inspire Hollywood. This is a second Booker nomination from a Canadian, plus another mention for Granta and another short lister that was overlooked but may stand the test of time better than its rivals.

It is a brutal, comic horse trail of a book, cocked like the pistols that feature through it, a well told yarn of brotherhood, gunslinging, hunt and pursuit that drives the narrative.

The writing has a period accent to it that rings true. As do the occasional stark acts of cruelty. A great ballad of a book that depicts a time and era on the borders. From the first sentence we know exactly where we are…as the brothers ride, their relationship balances on a Bowie knife-edge.


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