A brief history of seven killings by Marlon James (Oneworld)


“I know I was fourteen. That me know. I also know that too many people talk too much, especially the American who never shut up, just switch to a laugh every time he talk ’bout you, and it sound strange how he can put your name beside people we never hear ’bout, Allende Lumumba, a name that sound like a country that Kunta Kinte come from.”

Hey, Marlon, man. Me hear you wun something… Yeah, man, the Man Booker. What’s that man, Man Booker? Man it is the Man Booker, man. Wassat, man? A book prize, man, the Man Booker. Bookerr, like a book of something? Is a name, man, that’s all, man. Wot you doing writing books down here…? Is that wot they reading in Sandals? Yea, in Sandals in their sandals, reading. Wot you wrote? Me wrote, man. We spend our lives trying to get up there where they are reading about what its like down here? I guess. Is it any good? Wassat? Yerbook, man, you Man, book, man? Yeah its magnanimous, wonderlicious. Maybe I read it. Why you wanna read it? You live it. Me live it. The madness, you know.

Notes on the Man Booker 2015



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